Review: A Pale December “The Shrine Of Primal Fire”

Review: A Pale December “The Shrine Of Primal Fire”

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A Pale December “The Shrine Of Primal Fire”
Avantgarde Music

A Pale December have released their debut album, and I hate to start with a negative, but here goes:

“Completely recorded and produced in their home studio”

Yep, the sound isn’t the best… which is a real shame, because when it comes to fresh ideas and the actual songs, this is superb. But sometimes the bass isn’t loud enough, some of the time changes are a little lacking in oomph and the album really does need a proper production job, such is the complexity of some of the tunes. And some of the more naïve mistakes need to be removed too. So an outside influence would probably say no to a few of the bits that have slipped through the net…

And ok, it might be a bit of a big downside to the album, but everything else, really is very good.

While the band describe themselves as “Atmospheric Black Metal from Italy”, they are from Milan, to me they are one of the newer breeds that aren’t quite Black Metal. Call it a Post Black Metal / Shoegaze hybrid, it’s the sort of well thought out progressive take on the genre, that probably leans more towards nature, than to Satan. A mix of clean vocals, and an all-around “nice” song structure, mean this can’t be classed as all out Black Metal, to me, at least.

So long, twisting epics it is then. High on musical dexterity, with a few blackened outbursts, and a stack of talent. And I was going to praise the drumming… until I found out it was a drum machine… so well done the drum machine programmer…

I just hope the label stump up for a proper producer for their next release and a real drummer would be a bonus.

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