Review: Illa “The Body Keeps the Score”

Review: Illa “The Body Keeps the Score”

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From Denmark’s Illa, come The Body Keeps the Score. While I have to admit that the group’s debut EP is not of my particular taste, it does have it’s merits and will surely find an audience among metalheads looking for a taste of more traditional hardcore stylings and catchy hooks.

Illa fills these four tracks with personal experiences of darkness, but with a feeling of clouds lifting and light at the end of the tunnel. Their message is a heavy one, but one of hope through despair. The riffs are heavy, and break into memorable pieces fairly frequently. Even if you’re not in love with this EP, casual listeners will find their heads banging. The Body Keeps the Score maintains a fairly straightline metalized hardcore sound. Not quite metalcore, not quite deathcore, certainly not crossover, but more of a hardcore with metal values and aesthetics.

This really isn’t a bad first outing from the band, so I’ll try to keep my negatives short and to the point. While catchy, and let’s be clear, it is quite catchy at times, the music presented here is just pretty middle of the road. I hate the cliche of band’s not breaking new ground in a market as saturated as today’s, but in truth, outside of it’s memorable hooks, The Body Keeps the Score does little to warrant a repeat listen. It certainly has its place, but any listener looking for a bit more substance and creativity in their music will probably be left wanting.

All in all, Illa‘s debut EP is a solid release. I personally can’t see it making any major waves, but can see a huge potential in the group and will definitely be checking out anything they release in the future with open ears.

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