Review: Paradoxicide “Savior”

Review: Paradoxicide “Savior”

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After listening to this album a number of times, I kept hoping to reach a different conclusion so that I could at least offer a more in-depth review, but that’s just not happening. And it’s quite curious, because these Ohio groove/thrashers (actually more like ‘sedated’ hardcore than groove/thrash) kind’ve have something. It’s definitely not the musicianship though, it’s the vocals, however the vocalist is being weighed down by a very average band, and because the band is so average, you tend to hear average vocals straight away, but that’s not actually the case, as discovered upon multiple listens.

The album art is great and speaks to the lyrical content – a nice one for the wall or collection. Sadly though I would never listen to it… musically it is just too boring and monotonous and made even more monotonous with repetitive slow breakdowns, and slow chunky riffing. Also, the thick heavy production and sound certainly doesn’t help. Interestingly enough though, I have been able to sit through this album a number of times, and I’m not sure why, because it truly is boring and monotonous. I have however developed a bit of a soft spot for them, perhaps because I’ve listened to the album more times than it deserved, not sure, but this recording is that unexciting that I can’t elaborate more than what I have already said.

So in conclusion:
The vocals are decent, but you need to give them a chance, and there are a couple of pleasantly surprising but short solos on the album, the rest however is sedated and lacks creativity.

I wish I could give you more on this but it’s just not there, and it’s not writer’s block, there is simply no content. As always though, I am going to advocate you give them a listen.

Til next time.

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