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With fuzzed out and massive sludge dipped riffs and gritty vocals, In The Company of Serpents creates a massive, raw and buzzing sound that rattles your brain straight out of your skull. To begin your listen you hear a dissonant guitar sound that builds up and builds up until it all comes crashing down on you all at one time and you end up getting buried in heaps of sludge and gritty doom. There are six total songs on this record and out of the six are three lengthy ones and in between those songs are shorter songs that lead you into the others. However, no matter how short or how long these songs are, each one of them has a knack for grabbing your attention and keeping it throughout the listen.

Right from the get go, In the Company of Serpents does a great job of creating a sound that is unique and interesting which keeps you listening without wanting to skip a song or leave the listen. At times you can feel yourself getting lost and dragged in to the album, and as long as certain songs are, you never feel as though it is a burden to listen to. Each song is crafted and executed very well and each song keeps you listening and keeps your head nodding all throughout.

Each of the lengthier songs on this record are riddled with interesting speaker bursting riffs as they give off a monumental sound that is just wholly undeniable. Whether the rest of the record sticks in your head or not the riffs will never leave as they pile drive themselves straight into your brain. The unique way in which they are delivered is fresh, interesting and wholly captivating. And not only are they captivating and unique but they are down right heavy and stomping as well. More than the riffs are the heavy drums and the rumbling bass lines and on top of all of that are the gritty, powerful and sludge filled vocals. Through each song you get a raw display of sludge filled power that you end up not being able to shake or forget.

Each of the songs that are in between the lengthier ones play sort of like interludes and they play well with the rest of the tracks as well. These songs aren’t nearly as heavy and demanding as the others as they are played in a more serene and calm manner but they are enjoyable none the less. Usually interludes are more of like space fillers of course but in this particular instance they play well with the rest of the songs as well as just by themselves as they add somewhat of a calm before the almighty storm.

This new record by In The Company of Serpents is unbelievably and uncompromisingly heavy. And not only that but you never feel that you want to skip a song or get through this record faster than usual as you just end up getting lost and caught up in all of it. In The Company of Serpents have found a great formula for a massive sludge filled sound that keeps you coming back for more.

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