Review: JENNER “Demo 2015”

Review: JENNER “Demo 2015”

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JENNER “Demo 2015”

Well, let’s be honest… I just forgot for a while that Mina sent me links to both songs enclosed on this demo. But it seems that she maybe also forget because didn’t remind me… Effect is that in meantime went out the debut album of the band. But as we say in Poland: that’s better late than never. So there we go!

JENNER is a proof that if we can use term “girl-band” in Metal it means totally something different than in case of these all pop shits!!! There always were, are and I’m sure that there will be metal bands with whole line-up consisting only the girls. The most which I know was/are really great to mention only DARKETA or NERVOSA.  Anyway girls who play in JENNER live in capital of Serbia – Belgrade.

As I already said demo contains only two songs. It’s not too much, but enough to say something about the music and its character, I guess. Musically it’s definitely Thrash Metal and it sits with its roots deeply in 90’s or even 80’s. And here my feelings are the same with describing of music which use girls: Speed/Thrash Metal. But terms are only terms and say rather a little about music. I mean, term “Thrash Metal”, as every other is voluminous. Both KREATOR and for example DEATH ANGEL or ATTOMICA play music which we can describe as Thrash Metal, but it’s still sometimes even very different music in all cases. JENNER plays surely more in old good German style. The fact is that between inspirations they mention there’re mostly Anglo-Saxon bands, but in my opinion it doesn’t change the fact about which I mentioned above. There’re some very hearable signs of first of all JUDAS PRIEST in music which Anđelina, Aleksandra, Mina and Marija play. Riffs are of course, as it just must be in Thrash Metal: sharp, aggressive and rather short. There’s place for some solos or better to say: more complex riffs. In general Aleksandra makes good job. The same I can say about Marija who drums in very energetic way, so just like it should be in music like that! Well, she’s also using cymbals often – that’s always more than welcome in my opinion. Her drumming is various enough – in this kind of music it just can’t be too various (I mean, a lot of passages and so on) because it’d probably kill the whole music, I guess. Anđelina’s vocal is understandable what doesn’t mean that it’s not as aggressive as it should be. Sometimes she sings in more melodic way, if you know what I mean, but it’s always sharp and in some way feisty. In some point I see connotation with some German female vocalist who’s legend of Metal scene. And on the end I should say few words about Mina. Well, with bass it’s always difficult. But there’re no impossible things, so… She also plays just in “right” way. As I can hear she does it in classic way – with quill.

In general it’s a good piece of Thrash Metal played with power. I’m sure that every Thrasher will “consume” this demo (as well as their album – “To Live Is to Suffer”) with pleasure!


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