Review: KARG “Weltenasche”

Review: KARG “Weltenasche”

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karg-weltenasche-cdKARG “Weltenasche”
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What a great band. I want to say it since the beginning of time. Yes, it’s definitely one oF the greatest band of all time in atmospheric black metal scene with extremely beautiful post-black metal touches. I am sure some of you perhaps want to define Karg’sa sound as ambient/black metal. I am still in delight listening now their new pre-launched track.

Nothing has changed during all these years. The essence of a wonderful landscapes of the classic Austria are all around this new single. I am really satisfied with the high quality of this new material. The guitar is clean, the atmosphere is so releaxing,inspiring, unique.

Definitely Karg is one of those bands that deserve more attention in my opinion. How could you stay indifferent to this masterpiece?!!!! It’s really what you looking for in one of those somber days. The winter is coming. This is all about melancholic beautifully played guitars. It’s like a black swan in the middle of the cold mist. Karg have always been a project playing presice metallic riffs at their best,and this guy V. Wahntraum is absolutely an excellent elitarian musician giving life to all this. I personally have enjoyed Karg’s material since ‘’Von Den Vinden Der Sehnsucht #2’’[2010]. Since then I have defined Karg’s sound as one of the most prominent projects of melancholic  ambient black metal. Listening and re-listening ‘’…und blicke Ich doch mit Wut zuruck’’ [10 minutes and 43 seconds] I have noticed also that the vocals are becoming more and more grim, in a sense of the right dosage.

It’s a naturalistic piece. The instrumentalistic element is the strongest elements as always. The fading memories of a lost time are coming back, frozen at the bottom of the broken dreams lake. There’s no experiment in the new material I think. Everything is well constructed, you know very well what to expect from Karg. Iam not overrating this new material. I am simply saying that Karg is re writing beautifully the melancholic  black metal history. Elitarian classic elements todiscover on this release.


I hope that those who haven’t listened carefully the previous their releases should try them with patience and a very calmness attitude. This is not a simple black metal project served with coldness  and grimness attitude. It’s a style. It’s not a band for those who like furious things. Karg has got class, and it’s served only for grown up black metallers who really know and listen black metal with a critic sense and attitude.

I have always had the impression that there’s a very professional mixture of the subtile and the harsh elements in Karg’s repertoire. It’s unbelievable how all these is well combined and executed all over these years, and how well is preserved. The Austrian Black Metal scene must be proud of what Karg has created all these years. It’s melancholic, depressive, nostalgic, immense, it’s everything. It’s black metal for those who have an extra black metal background sense. I want to classify this as one of the albums of 2016. Super recommended.

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