Review: Katharos “Exuvian Heraldry”

Review: Katharos “Exuvian Heraldry”

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Katharos ”Exuvian Heraldry”
Sliptrick Records

Swedish black/death metallers Katharos released this album in March 1. I can say about the release that is has that amazing  black metal vibe, with some melodic music and dark atmosphere and crushing riffs, this album is just for pure enjoyment.

With some elements of melodic and atmospheric music, the songs are very interesting for listening. Every song has some dark story to tell, through music.

The song that is really amazing is the first one, in my opinion is ”Abadonnas Intåg”, it has that piano intro, and then explosion of riffs after that, combined with some melodies to it, the song will definitely put a listener to some trance state of mind, perfect combination of riffs and melodies are something, is the best part of the song.

It is interesting how the band, has created with this songs, some unigue atmosphere, the hole album is like some jorney trough darkness, and the pain is on the every step of the way.

The best song on the album  in my opinio is ”Awakening Of The Converted” is has that black metal rawness, and the hypnotical melodic music, this two combined create some wicked magical atmosphere, and the every moment, is a real enjoyment.

Tehnical compliance is beyond great, every tone and riff can be heard right on the album, production is insanly good, and acoustic is perfect.

Katharos is some badass black/death metal band. Their music has all the segments needed for this kind of genre, and the album, everything is on it’s place, as it showed be. Album that has pure darkness, with some melodic paradise, will be paradise for every black metal fan, and for the ones who are not fans of the genre, black metal destruction with true metal style.

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