Review: Starbynary “Divina Commedia Inferno”

Review: Starbynary “Divina Commedia Inferno”

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Starbynary ”Divina Commedia Inferno”
Revalve records

01 – The Dark Forest (Canto I)
02 – Gate of Hell (Canto III)
03 – In Limbo (Canto IV)
04 – Paolo e Francesca (Canto V)
05 – Medusa and the Angel (Canto IX)
06 – Seventh Circle (Canto XII-XIII-XIV)
07 – Malebolge (Canto XVIII)
08 – Soothsayers (Canto XX)
09 – Ulysse’s Journey (Canto XXVI)
10 – The Tower of Hunger (Canto XXXII-XXXIII)
11 – Stars (Canto XXXIV: I Lucifero, II Cosmo, III Finally Ascendant)

Italian power progressive metallers Starbynary released their latest album in February 3th. Magical album, full of very powerful melodic moment’s, the band are the true virtuosos of their genre, quite amazing album.

The most amazing think on the album is, this atmospheric melodic music, with some powerful riffs and generic riffs in some songs, it made the album, so unigue, special.

Best song on the album is ”Seventh Circle” it begins with piano intro, and then there are some classical doom heavy metal riffs with some melodic music, and then the song continues in some crusing metal style. This song is sounds, like there are three songs in it, or more, it so complex, and in each part of the song there are stories to tell, pure masterpiace.

There is a balad song  ”Soothsayers” that is also interesting for listening, it is different for the other songs, and the vocalist in it, showed that his has such mindblowing and emotional voice, the voice is perfectly fitted into the album, and the song is  powerful , in it’s own way and has a strong massage to it too.

Tehnical compliance, well, it’s just not out of this world, progressive tehnical madness. Production is awesome, acoustic is great too.

Starbynary made a masterpiace, and this album is going to be, that will blow mind, to the fans of progressive and power metal. Power progresssive metal that will change your life.

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