Review: Kill All the Gentlemen “Black Canvas” [Sliptrick Records]

Review: Kill All the Gentlemen “Black Canvas” [Sliptrick Records]

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After hearing this album I couldn’t wait to get this review done. It’s going to be short, but so sweet! And for good reason, because over-complicating this review with descriptions or analogies whilst trying to make my point, will only detract from what I am really trying to say. As a side note, I also don’t like comparing bands or musicians because I believe that one may be treading a fine line between respect and disrespect when using comparisons, if what you are trying to say is somehow misconstrued. Now that I have that little disclaimer out the way, this is going to be short and sweet for good reason.

Let me begin by saying that I have never really been a fan of melodic death metal for various reasons which I won’t bore you with now. I do however want to say this…

Black Canvas by England’s Kill All The Gentlemen is a well-executed slice of riffy goodness! It is just fantastic! And if you are a fan of their counterparts T _ _  B _ _ _ _ D _ _ _ _ _  M _ _ _ _ _ (because I don’t like comparing) then you really need to pick this album up!

Now admittedly although the vocal style of this sub-genre is not really for me, this is certainly well-delivered even if the raspiness tears your own throat apart and you’re not even the one singing, it’s the music… man the music… it’s just glorious! Every song has you sitting there with a certain expectation knowing that you will be handed wall-to-wall riffing on a silver platter! It’s just awesome! The sinister melodies, the transitions, song structures, creativity, musicianship, production all make this album well worth it!

It’s a recording that delivers… big time! From the album artwork to the acoustic on the last song, this album delivers. It even delivers a decent cover of Pet Shop Boys’ ‘It’s A Sin’, and I am also not a huge fan of covers either, although I do concede that there are some decent ones out there, and that this could be one of them.

Short and sweet people, if you dig a good riff, then this is sure to tickle your fancy. Relentless musical proficiency put together in the most delectable way. Give this album a listen! It is well worth it! From start to finish… well worth it!

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