Review: Lenore S. Fingers “All Things Lost On Earth”

Review: Lenore S. Fingers “All Things Lost On Earth”

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Lenore S. Fingers “All Things Lost On Earth” (My Kingdom Music)

If you have any ambition as a band, rule number 1, get a good band name. Mixing your name from a comic character and a fantasy figure called Salad Fingers to make Lenore S. Fingers isn’t the smartest move on the planet.

But hey, I took this to review to challenge myself, so a not very good band name won’t derail me.

No, I took this to review because I can no longer stand (certain) female fronted Metal bands, and I wanted this album to change my opinion. Of course it helps that LSF, as I will now call them, don’t follow the very worn blueprint that so many bands follow.

This has more of a melancholic feel to it. Not quite Gothic, it still glides along in a dreamy, dark kind of way. Vaguely like Lacuna Coil circa In A Reverie, back when they were good… but comparing one female fronted Italian band to another is a bit of a safe option.

But it’s probably the most accurate one too… this is easy on the ear. It is devoid of big choruses though, so it’s more… I don’t know… maybe mature. Because you really have to listen to appreciate it and absorb the intricate layers, as this isn’t an instant fix of sugary melodies.

And having a frontlady with a strong voice always helps. Federica can belt out a good tune, and she can also calm the mood as well. Which helps keep it interesting throughout. As do the bursts of energy from the band. For the most part it’s all on a smooth path, but every now and then they crank it up with a heavier passage of music.

Anna Murphy (Cellar Darling and ex Eluveitie) guests on keyboards and Hurdy Gurdy, as well as helping out with the recording, and I’m sure her experience gas been invaluable to LSF. Because they really have produced a mighty fine album.

It’s mature, it’s engaging and more importantly, it’s made this grumpy old man smile.

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