Review: LEVANIA “Episode 0” [Sliptrick records]

Review: LEVANIA “Episode 0” [Sliptrick records]

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An up-and-coming Gothic Metalcore act from Italy is back with a short and sweet EP showcasing the band’s trademark sonority and dealing with distinct issues such as depression and functional illiteracy.

Following the great reception from fans and critics for their 2018 EP The Day I Left Apart, Italian Gothic Metal/Metalcore outfit Levania is back in action after a brief hiatus with a brand new mini-EP entitled Episode 0, bringing to their fans three original tracks showcasing the band’s trademark sonority and dealing with distinct issues such as depression and functional illiteracy.  Formed in 2007 in Ferrara, a city in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, the band comprised of the stunning Elena on lead vocals, Still on keyboards and vocals, Richie on the guitars, Fade on bass and Markus on drums is on fire in Episode 0, transforming the EP’s short but solid nine minutes of music into a Gothic feast recommended for fans of bands like Lacuna Coil, Motionless in White, Cellar Darling and Within Temptation.

Futuristic, industrialized sounds permeate the air in the electrifying Abyss, a dancing Gothic Metal tune by Levania where both Elena and Still sound amazing with their clean vocals and harsh roars, while Markus’ beats are nicely complemented by all electronic elements in the background. Put differently, if only pop music was this entertaining I’m pretty sure we metalheads would not only be more tolerant with it, but actually enjoy it, proving Rock N’ Roll can be mainstream without losing its core rebellious essence. And their metallic party goes on in the also dark and thunderous Reflections, where the bass punches by Fade sound as ominous as they can be, also presenting cutting riffs by Richie and another classy performance by Elena with her charming vocals, therefore pointing to a very interesting future for the band and leaving us eager for their next release. Lastly, Levania offer our avid ears a cinematic fusion of modern and symphonic sounds entitled Reckoning, an instrumental piece led by Still’s whimsical keys boosted by the crushing beats by Markus, while Riche and Fade keep slashing their strings beautifully until the very end.

Recorded, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by the multi-talented Giuseppe Bassi at dysFUNCTION Productions, Episode 0 is an excellent choice for fans of Gothic Metal and Metalcore or, if you prefer, simply call it “Gothic Metalcore” as I’m sure the band loves being labeled that way. If you’re not familiar yet with Levania’s music, go check what they’re up to on Facebook for news, tour dates and other nice-to-know details about them, subscribe to their YouTube channel and search for them on Spotify for more of their music, and grab your copy of Episode 0 from distinct locations like Apple Music. In a nutshell, Levania’s new mini-EP Episode 0 might have only nine minutes of duration as mentioned, but those Gothic metallers from the beautiful Italy certainly knew how to transform such short period of time into sheer electricity.

Best moments of the album: Reflections.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2019 Sliptrick Records

Track listing

  1. Abyss 3:38
  2. Reflections 3:31
  3. Reckoning 1:29

Band members
Elena – lead vocals
Still – keyboards, vocals
Richie – guitars
Fade – bass
Markus – drums

Guest musician
Giuseppe Bassi – additional arrangements and samples, drum programming

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