Review MALEFICENCE “Realms of Mortification” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Review MALEFICENCE “Realms of Mortification” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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MALEFICENCE “Realms of Mortification”
Blood Harvest

When I saw pic of these guys I began to wonder if I’m not again in deep 90’s. Then I saw their biography and I noticed that I didn’t drive to the past.  Band was found in 2011 in capitol of Belgium and de facto of EU. City is in general very important center for international politics. There’s also headquarter of NATO located. Anyway, we’ll don’t talk here about very interesting and long history of the city, its cultural, economic, educational or any other meaning! Well, about culture we’ll talk about. Music is a part of this, or what?!? And since Metal is music…

So, in mentioned above 2012 five guys: I. Witchfucker (bass), Alkhöloïkh (dr), Disgusting Semen (guit – lead), Destroyer G. (guit – rhythm) and Nekrozotar (voc) decided to play together. Actually, band was born on the ashes of GEN’S PERVERSA which played similar music as MALEFICENCE. Both guitarists still wanted to play, so they took Alkhöloïkh (who play together with Disgusting Semen in Black Metal SAQRA’S CULT – their lyrics are very close to my heart if you know what I mean, by the way) and two other mentioned above guys and… Until now they recorded two demos: “First Spit” (2012) and “Journey to the Depths” (2014). Now we have “Realms of Mortification” released in this year. So it seems that they release some stuff every second year.

“Realms…” is a 7” EP. It means that we haven’t a lot of music here. There’re only two songs. Well, but more important is quality than number, don’t you?!? And here we have corroboration of this thesis! YEAH!! Somebody could ask: “What is so exciting in typical Black/Thrash Metal?!?” YES, in fact we can listen to typical Black/Thrash Metal, to boot played in archaic way. Well, to be honest whole this sub-genre is rather archaic. Anyway, word “archaic” has only good connotations for me when we’re talking about music!

Everything’s begins with snugly to covert-art intro. It’s integral part of first song, anyway. Then we have only Metal invasion in old good style. Guys don’t play in some intricacies. Just go with their Metal disease! Tempos are mostly fast and they’d invite to headbanging or even more even deaf. It absolutely doesn’t mean that nothing happens in this music. That’s truth that the most often we have Thrash Metal drums – which play in steady way (which tells us about Punk Rock roots of this sub-genre of Metal). Of course there’re some passages and so on. Guitars mostly also play fast, little broken riffs. More melodic ones happen, but not so often. Besides even them have this Thrash Metal energy inside.

Well, as longer I listen to this EP as stronger connotations with mentioned above kind of Metal I hear. To tell you truth only vocal can be somehow connote with Black Metal; but only somehow. However, who cares how musicians or we’ll call it?!? The most important thing here is that it’s really great stuff!!! As many bands like that as I’ll be happier!!!


(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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