Review: Matterhorn “Crimes Of Man”

Review: Matterhorn “Crimes Of Man”

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Review: Matterhorn “Crimes Of Man” (Self Release)

Quite honestly, if I had the time, I’d write a novel about this release as so much of it is good, but unfortunately, a lot of it is bad as well.

When this popped up in the review list, I did a quick search on You Tube and I found the video for “Memory Of The Guilty”. Which is actually a very cool song. So I jumped at the chance to cover this. My decision was also made easier as Matterhorn used to be a covers band… performing the nations (being Australia) premiere heavy metal tribute show… throw in a few names like Dio, Maiden, Priest and Sabbath, and yeah, I’m hooked.

The reality though, isn’t as good as my intro would have you believe. 13 tracks, 75 very long minutes and while the band can play, quite brilliantly, this is let down by some very average song-writing.

From the off, this is hard going. “Judge Nought” does not have an instant melody. It’s very stop start and utterly devoid of warmth. Vocal wise, front woman, Amanda Ozolins, has an outstanding voice. Kind of like a raspier version of Doro, without the German accent. But the song writing barely gives her room to showcase what a bloody good voice she has… apart from tracks like the aforementioned, “Memory Of The Guilty”.

And hearing something so fucking amazing, frustrates the hell out of me. Because Matterhorn have the potential to be a world class band… they just haven’t unlocked the key to success, yet.

“Guys, and lady… go back to the drawing board and start from scratch. Stop writing 6 minute tracks as most (classic) Heavy Metal is 3 or 4 minutes long, bar the odd epic. And 75 minutes!!! Wow, you must have an amazing attention span, because I can’t do this album in one sitting. Keep it to 40 minutes and cut out the filler.

Songs like “Memory Of The Guilty” and “I Am Become Death” are where you should be concentrating…”

They already have elements from both Doro and Accept, as well as a Dio influenced guitar sound, so they need to build upon that and keep it 80s and true.

I love the playing, the production is superb… but the songs are not memorable… and that’s the downfall of this album, unfortunately. No big choruses to sing-a-long with and too much of the album is mid-paced and plodding.

Some people, especially the band, may think I’m being a bit hard on them, but I honestly don’t think I am.

Over the years I’ve seen over 4000 bands live. I’ve listened to more albums that my brain cell cares to remember, so I believe I’m talking a lot of sense if the band want to be more than a good covers band.

If they make me eat my words with their next release, I’ll be happier than a pig in shit.

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