Review: Morphium “The Fall” [Art Gates Records]

Review: Morphium “The Fall” [Art Gates Records]

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After five years of silence Spanish modern metal band Morphium has returned with brand new album “The Fall”, collaborating with the local music label Art Gates. This is their fourth full-length album during the 16-years existence, and it is closer to alternative metal scene of the past (even the sound perfectly fits into alt. metal conception of the 2000s), but in a contemporary sense of perception, still fresh and pertinent for current ever-changing music culture.

These Spanish metalheads are difficult to categorize thoroughly, although their music is based in a realm of metal, it still inclines to metalcore and modern rock principles, as well as electro/gothic vibes. Nonetheless, the core of “The Fall” is solid and confident melodic death metal, but not very classical one, spreading the branches of many extreme music subgenres. But they entwine this stylistic interspersing accurately and aptly, so the music flows in so a natural way without drastic changes or explicit highlights. “The Fall” is quite an integral album without dramatic experimentation.

Morphium‘s flirtations with metalcore really lead the album, with groovy sound and effective guitar chords, but in a very melodic manner, even hinting on pop rock attitude, especially through the catchy choruses (like in “Everybody is Dead in the House” or “Insorcism”). The keyboards sometimes leave the background and envelop the spirit of the song in more pop/electronic or atmospheric manner, emphasizing the lightness and simplicity. The clean, but hoarse voice of their singer Alex Bace is intermingled with more brutal growling parts, stressing the gravity of the heaviest death metal parts. Some progressive vibes pop up here and there (“Parasite” or “Everybody is Dead in the House”), ennobling the straight-forwardness of tough guitar riffs and adorning the primitive roughness. There are only two songs, which remain overshadowed by a mainstream of this modern album (“Past” and “The Fall”), presenting some ambient elements and creepy atmospheric ethereality. “Blacksoul” is calm and pensive half-ballad with a pretty emotional singing. Melancholic guitar solos romanticize the aura of this album, so the manly spirit of this mdm/metalcore grooveness is slightly diversified, as well as the mysteriousness of gothic allusions, but in such a contemporary way.

The cover art through minimalistic elements and depressing colors symbolically underscores the main problems of the universe in unison with the lyrics on current and controversial topics. And despite the fact, that Morphium have never been into hunting for trends, their music sounds accessible and easy, satisfying the wide range of listeners due to their stylistic games.

Release date: March 26th, 2021

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