Review: MYTHRA “Still Burning”

Review: MYTHRA “Still Burning”

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MYTHRA “Still Burning”
High Roller Records

I’ve had a few NWOBHM albums come my way recently and I’ve been a fan of the other bands, from when they were first going… but Mythra are a band that passed me by in the 80s, so this is my first introduction to the band.

There isn’t a lot of info on the band readily available, but from what I can work out, 3 of the band are the same from the 80s, including vocalist, Vince High. And this is officially their first studio album, which is appearing 41 long years after the band originally formed in December 1975. (Facebook says 1975, the biography 78, so take your pick)

And it’s a good solid album. But I don’t think it’s going to travel much outside of diehard NWOBHM circles. And I don’t mean that in a derogatory way.

There’s a stack of good melodies on offer, plenty of old school riffing and the like, but the niche market it’s meant for is probably where this will stay.

I’m a bit of a fence sitter when it comes to Vince High’s vocals though. I like his voice on the likes of Battle Cry, which definitely lives up to its name, but on the likes of A Call To All and That Special Feeling, a bit more fire is required. His voice is way too tame and a bit of aggression wouldn’t go amiss. The thing is, I really like both songs, they are as catchy as hell, they need a bit more power.

And that’s where I am with this album. I genuinely like every song. If I wasn’t reviewing it, I probably wouldn’t view it with such a critical eye (or set of ears)… but a review of “yeah, good songs” wouldn’t cut the mustard.

So good songs, a bit of indifference on the vocals and a realistic view of who will like this album, is closer to the mark. The thing is though, this is better than the likes of Diamond Head (apart from Am I Evil and Shoot Out The Lights).. so imagine what would have happened if Lars had discovered them instead?

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