Review: Nader Sadek “The Serapeum”

Review: Nader Sadek “The Serapeum”

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After six years of silence, Egyptian born musician Nader Sadek has returned with a string of singles, and in the end of November has finally presented something more productive – EP “The Serapeum”. Actually, there is only one song presented on this record in three variations (longer version and live version) with one short introduction, so Nader Sadek has decided not to spoil his exquisite audience with the new material.

This record isn’t long enough to enjoy the ultimate immersion into the technical mastery and profound darkness, nevertheless this one song entrances the listener, offering the real occult experience in a musical form. No doubt, that this total absorption is achieved not only due to excellent composing skills of Nader, but also thanks to the brilliant guest musicians, known well on the extreme metal scene. The biggest impact comes from Karl Sanders, mastermind of the cult band Nile, famous for their fondness for Egyptian mythology, and this influence is truly sensible, so the Egyptian roots of Nader are truly audible on this EP, thanks to their fruitful collaboration. Their interests also share some of other guest musicians (for example Derek Roddy, known from “Hate Eternal” or “Malevolent Creation”), after they were together exploring the ancient Egyptian burial chamber named The Serapeum. To finish off this crazy devotion and experimental diversity, some of the famous names joined them as well (from the bands Dark Fortress, Gorod or Putrid Pile, to name few of them). So, no way, so many emotions and original ideas are put together on this EP.

Nader Sadek worked for some time with Mayhem as their director of visual effects, and there is no denial about their influence on his own music, but in a good sense, because Mayhem is one of the most original bands of black metal movement; they have never truly given up their roots and impact on the style, but they also have never been afraid to explore avant-garde flows. The real difference is the oriental elements (so common for Nile) and the ritualistic atmosphere, “The Serapeum” is swarming with those.

“The Serapeum (Black Osiris)” is a strong and heavy black/death metal song with smart and low guitar riffs and thrashy rhythm with considerable progressive vibes. The guitar solo parts are exquisitely performed with a technical precision, but not in a routine manner. The mood of the song changes for several times and ends with slower and ethnic passage, immersing in atmospheric temper. The juicy growling of Nader creates some extra roughness and deathly desperation. “ReSarcophagus” offers half a minute of creepy occult introduction, which leads to a second version of the main song “The Serapeum (Polluted Waters)”. It has more ethnic roots and effects, oriental spirit isn’t hidden from the black/death metal base with softer approach and ritualistic female singing. The last version on “The Serapeum” is a live record from the gig in Lisbon, it still has a good and clear sound and the same vital aggression, as the studio version.

This EP has never set the goals to impress and gain the audience, Nader Sadek has released it independently by proving his love for the experimental extreme music. And this star line-up also says a lot, uniting the professional and gifted musicians for the sake of true spirit of music.

Release date: November 20th, 2020

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