Review: Demoniac “So It Goes” [Edged Circle]

Review: Demoniac “So It Goes” [Edged Circle]

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The Chilean thrashers Demoniac have returned this year with a brand new album “So It goes” after three years of silence (apart from the Live record year ago), and now it is re-released by Edged Circle Productions.

This band has gained their audience and reputation not in vain, their thrash metal isn’t too traditionally bounded by stylistic limitations. Demoniac can be proud of original vision on such an old and pure metal genre as thrash metal, entwining it with progressive and black metal, as well as jazz and classical music. This music is unique and innovative, but in some way, it isn’t too evidently inclined to avant-garde concept, ’cause their thrash metal spirit is strong and vivid. These guys aren’t some newbies without an experience, everyone has some stage and record history, so within this band they focus on aesthetic and arty side of the primitive metal genres, and that’s really a miracle, how they combine these two sides without any harm to either of them.

There are only five songs on these 42-minute release, and every song is relevant here, meanwhile, every one of them has an individual spirit. The thrash foundation is obviously very speedy and traditional, when it dominates, but it is also really melodic and catchy. Demoniac draws inspiration from German thrash metal scene, but not entirely, because the progressive elements are far too complicated and original to fit into one metal movement. Some songs are even embellished with classical music elements (like “RSV – Fools Coincidence – Testigo” or “So It goes”). During the slowdowns thrash/speed metal is on the friendly terms with heavy metal, but black metal influence is strongly audible in singing manner of Javier Ortiz (and is closer to Venom). The guitar work here is excellent and proggy, the drummer is always fast and adds the mightiest drive to the tempo, but the bass-guitarist has his personal shining moment (his fancy bass solos are blasting).

The thrashiest song on this record is the second “The Trap”, but the craziest and the most peculiar is “Extraviado” with romantic and decadent intro with clarinet parts, refined and pensive. The clarinet returns on the last 19-minute-long title-track “So It goes”, and this song is full of surprises and relevant mood changes. It is bounded by thrash metal structure (but is very atmospheric for such a genre) but is divided in some segments without breaking the whole concept. The slow and melancholic passages are intermingled with thoughtful jazzy parts, the long technical guitar solos overlay the catchy and melodic chords, and everything ends on a solemn and psychedelic note. And despite all these eccentricities, Demoniac has managed to stay true to thrash metal with memorable tunes.

This release is a big win to South American metal scene, Demoniac has proved their originality and open-mindedness. Maybe the sound is a bit too raw and dirty, and 20-minute song is too much, but still, “So It Goes” is on its way to diversify the stagnant classical metal scene.

Release date: January 29, 2021

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