Review: Necrobiotic “The Extinction of Faith”

Review: Necrobiotic “The Extinction of Faith”

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Necrobiotic “The Extinction of Faith”

Some time ago one of my friends from Brazil sent me last album of band where he plays. The truth is that there’s any member from the first line-up anymore in NECROBIOTIC, but the other truth is that it was dead something like ten years. Originally band was formed in 1994 by Morone Hiffer (guitars, vocals) and J. Hell (Jobel Borges – drums, vocals), But after four years and releasing only a demo entitled ‘Carnal Suffering of the War’ band split up. After next ten or even almost eleven long years NECROBIOTIC came back to alive. J. Hell and F. A. C. O (Flávio Oliveira –  vocals) who played in, let’s call it, first band guitar since 1996 found right musicians and began work on stuff. The effect was debut album ‘Alive and Rotting’ from 2011. On another one (‘Death Metal Machine’) we had to wait another three years. Finally last year guys released their third full-length about which I’ll write few words mow.

‘The Extinction of Faith’ contains ten Death Metal’s compositions (what shouldn’t be any surprise after reading title of their second album, by the way). But as we know Death Metal has several faces and that’s why I’ll precise it in next lines. Music is generally in middle tempo with often speed ups. Riffs are of course, as it should be in good Death Metal act, a little broken. They change quite often and in its way melodic from time to time. But don’t worry – this is, let’s call it, brutal melody! Both Flávio and Humberto (Silva who’s native band is CORPSE GRINDER) are experienced Death Metal guitarists so they know very well how they should make their job. We have some tin whistles sometimes, crying guitars, something what we can call solos… So to make long story short: everything what’s even more than welcome in old-school Death Metal. There happen also a lot on field of drumming here. We haven’t maybe some super-complicated passages here (what is in my opinion is only advantage), what doesn’t mean that he doesn’t do it at all. Contrary – it’s various, with changes of tempo and not as easy as pie to play. Broka (Lucimar Alves) in general beats massively, but in the same time imaginatively. Bass is hidden in background, but this is possible to hear Rafao’s Reis instrument and believe me that it’s nice. Flávio except playing guitar since 2009 takes also care about vocals. His growling is deep and very well understandable. Of course it’d be any problem to compare it to some more well-known vocalist, but since I’m not a fan of such, especially direct and simplified comparisons… You’ll have to listen to this and figure it by yourselves. Anyways, from time to time he changes a little style of growling. It doesn’t happen too often, but…

To sum up, this is piece of good Death Metal which fans of this sub-genre of Metal surely should have in their collections. It’s especially about these who like old-school one which takes what’s the best in several styles of playing. There’s much more elements of American one in my opinion, but you’ll find also something what you’ll easily connote with Swedish one, for example. Frankly speaking this music is better, more interesting than one of many much better well-known bands – not necessarily strictly Death Metal ones.

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