Review: Necrophobic “Dawn of the Damned” [Century Media Records]

Review: Necrophobic “Dawn of the Damned” [Century Media Records]

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Who is the leading force in the Swedish extreme metal scene? Dissection, Sacramentum or maybe Naglfar? Yes, they are great bands without specially the Swedish black metal scene would not be what it is today, but there is only one place on the dark throne on which Necrophobic sits unchallenged. “Dawn of the Damned” is the absolute proof. Even 31 years after they were founded, they still spray the dark essence of their music in our ears. Their dark power was not thrown off track by several line-up changes.

“Dawn of the Damned” picks up where “Mark of the Pentagram” left off and pushes the bar even higher. Massive riffs, destructive drums and poisonous vocals give a prime example of blackened metal. Despite the many catchy melodies, the darkness never stops taking over. The finesse of the production allows the darkness to grow even bigger and so the listener can even enjoy the full power of Necrophobic in absolute high definition. There is no shame in saying that their ninth record “Dawn of the Damned” is the finest one in their career.

Massive, aggressive to the core but still lovely darkened, the Judas Priest of black metal deliver a masterpiece of metal. Grab your copy and enjoy Swedish extreme metal how it should be.

Release date: October 9th, 2020

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