Review: Naglfar “Cerecloth” [Century Media Records]

Review: Naglfar “Cerecloth” [Century Media Records]

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After 8 long years the melodic black metal elite from Sweden strikes again. In the 80s and 90s far away from the drama of the Norwegian scene Naglfar began to create their own, much more melodic style alongside others like Dissection, Sacramentum or Necrophobic. “Cerecloth” is their seventh album and with its very good but also raw production it tears your soul apart straight from the beginning. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean raw in the sense of some trvekvlt black metal demo recording. The production on “Cerecloth” is very professional but still has this cold, grim and aggressive flair. 43 minutes of pure evil.

The opening title on the record which is also the title track is the proof that Naglfar haven’t forgotten anything. The melodic tremolo picking, the blasting drums and the venomous vocals destroy everything on their path. Speaking of vocals, the track “Like Poison for the Soul” has the most catchy chorus that was ever written by Naglfar. Kristoffer W. Olivius screams harmonize perfectly with the evil riffing. Here and there you can find some classic Viking metal elements. They just refresh the listening experience.

Over all the longer interruption of the releasing circle was not a bad idea after all. I have always liked the creatings of Naglfar but I think that “Cerecloth” is the absolute zenith of melodic black metal. It is full of emotions, aggression and passion for dark music. Hail to the trio infernale.

Release date: May 8th, 2020

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