Review NEID “Atomoxetine” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Review NEID “Atomoxetine” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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NEID “Atomoxetine”
Sliptrick records

In Italy even small cities have very often its roots yet in Ancient Rome or even earlier times. Very good example is here Viterbo, city where live something about 65.000 people. Legends of how city was found say about Hercules and the four legendary Etruscan nobles families. Anyway, it has very interesting history. There’s also university. The town is home to the Italian gold reserves, an important Academy of Fine Arts and even Italian Army’s Aviation Command. Anyway, the most important for us is that there live five freaks who in 2007 decided to found the band. Well, Giulia and Serafino (both guit) was replaced Giacomino and Angelo Vernati. Other members (Il Socio – bass, Guru Renato – voc and Capò – dr) play in the band since its birth.

Guys call their music Grindcore and maybe that’s why “Atomoxetine” is their ninth release. Except this one they have one more (“Il Cuore della Bestia”), several EPs and splits – also with legendary for this kind of music AGATHOCLES.

Album is only about a little less than 19 minutes and contains 14 songs. Some of them (especially “Memory May Kill the Need”) are as on Grindcore long – about two minutes or even more. So we haven’t all and whole the time larrup with motto: “as faster as better”! Contrary!!! Even in these faster and typical for mentioned above style parts we can hear that guys really use their mind during process of songs’ creation. We have here also some lower parties (I didn’t count it, but I think that it’s fifty – fifty between faster and lower ones) where we can hear what I said above clearly. It’s maybe not as technical as American band (unfortunately dead) from Rochester which recorded for example “Need to Control”, but…

Well, guitars play rather in typical way for such music. Riffs are mostly quick and a little broken. Capò also plays as it should be – massive and with rather short beats. We can clearly hear Punk roots of this genre of music in that. Vocal is, without on song, also typical and hell knows, but I find connotation with ”Nik Napalm” and even more “Barney”. This song with a little untypical vocals’ line is “I Hate Work” where Guru Renato sings in more Punk way instead of growling.

Every fan of Grindcore should have this stuff!!!

(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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