Review: NEMUS “Wald – Mensch”

Review: NEMUS “Wald – Mensch”

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NEMUS “Wald – Mensch”

Here we have another project where one man takes care about everything. In this case his name is Frank Riegler and he gave life to it in January this year. He lives in not so huge, but still big (where much more than 70.000 people live) city called Bamberg. It’s old city, first named in 902, with many monuments, own university, several breweries. Also many notable people was born in the city. The best well-known ones should be German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, but there were also kings, for example and numerous people connected with world of culture.

Well, I’m not sure if Frank will join them even if he creates quite interesting music. I can’t only understand why he use term Post Black Metal to describe his creativity. Actually I can’t understand terms like Post Black Metal or Post Punk Rock at all! I know that I’m an old orthodox, but for me something is Black Metal (relatively Punk Rock) or not and that’s it. In case of debut album of NEMUS, which by the way Frank created, recorded and digitally “released” in something like a month, we have to do with Black Metal in my opinion. Yes, I’ll agree that it’s not exactly what many of you maybe expect to hear, but this is still strongly based in Black Metal. It’s hearable when it’s about the most of riffs, drumming and vocal. There’re touches of other music styles, but they’re rather subtle. Besides who said that you can’t use acoustic guitar, calmer riffs,that it’s forbidden to clearly hear bass and so on?!?

However, honestly I’m almost sure that Frank worked on this music longer time then this one month and in January he only decided that it’s time to show what he created to rest of the world. In general this is good music and I’m waiting for another releases of NEMUS which’ll hopefully become regular band with time.

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