Review: Omegavortex “Black Abomination Spawn” [Invictus Productions]

Review: Omegavortex “Black Abomination Spawn” [Invictus Productions]

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The precision and speed of these musicians are amazing. Vocals are perfect fit and although musically unrelenting at times and occasionally leaving me wanting a break, I always get pulled back in and love it. Not to say it doesn’t have occasional slower parts in the album but as a whole this is meant to just kill everything in its path.

Released on Invictus Productions Omegavortex “Black Abomination Spawn” is meant to leave no survivors in the wake of its crushing and blazing sounds. I cannot imagine any of the Black Metal Speed freaks out there being let down in anyway by this awesome band.

The track “Cosmic Horror Maelstrom” is a perfect showcase to the album. The BM Groove on the riff coming in at the 1:50 Mark with its hellish notes played with furious down picking is exactly what I was waiting for when I spoke of wanting that break in the speed. The more I hear it the more I understand and appreciate this.

Release date: November 13th, 2020

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