Review: Ondfødt ”Dodsrikets Kallelse” [Immortal Frost Productions]

Review: Ondfødt ”Dodsrikets Kallelse” [Immortal Frost Productions]

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If you’re seeking an icy soundtrack to the winter months that still lie ahead then Dodsrikets Kallelse will not disappoint. This sophomore album from Ondfødt is the latest to drop from Immortal Frost’s compelling Black Metal production line.

The core of the band is Owe Inborr (drum, bass and vocals) with Juuso Englund on guitars. Clearly additional members bolster the ranks when Ondfødt perform live but Owe and Juuso are very much the commanders in chief. The studio time spent by the pair in recording this album was clearly not wasted as when they eventually emerged, blinking into the light, it’s with 10 new songs up their leather sleeves.

If you were seeking your ingredients for some kind of Black Metal feast then you will find most of them entrenched in Dodsrikets Kallelse; hate, fury, blasphemous blasts, riffage sharp enough to open a tin of peaches and Owe’s barbarous growls.

These boys can pitch a groove perfectly such as on Fri Från Slaveri”. It almost tumbles over under its own momentum, as a chunky riff steals the limelight, backed up by a solid pounding drumbeat and some inspired vocals from Owe. Midway through it settles into a less hostile pattern before the beast rises once more and the pursuit of evil continues.

“Tidin E Komi” is a much more visceral piece, pushed along at breakneck speed under an avalanche of frosty blastbeats. On the rasping fifth track, No Ere Jo Satan, Vreth from Finntroll joins his fellow Finns on vocals, providing one of the album highlights.

While generally Ondfødt like to sustain a fairly pacey tempo on “Födömd I Evihejt” they pull the reins tight, offering a doomier version of themselves, but one that sounds even more imposing and deathly. Not all black metal acts are able to switch styles so effectively as Ondfødt do here – although the final stages do see them click through the gears with renewed hunger.

“Midnatt” is another fast paced track, carrying a very slight folk groove at some of its more colourful moments. But the sombre reflective instrumental Dödens Dröm” is a wonderful way to bring the album to a close. Although Ondfødt aren’t quite prepared to leave things there and so opt instead to go out in a blaze of satanic glory with a rousing cover of fellow Finns’ Hannis ”Kun Minä Kuolen”.

Debut album Hexkønst earmarked Ondfødt as a group with a future in 2014 and that has more than been fulfilled by Dodsrikets Kallelse. What’s more, the pair are already getting things underway with the first studio seeds already sprinkled on album number three. Ondfødt are in no mood to take their foot off the pedal now. Enjoy the ride.

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