Review: PARATRA “Genesis”

Review: PARATRA “Genesis”

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PARATRA “Genesis”

Well, when I saw the name of the band (which is Sanskrit term for “transcendental journey into the next world”) and an album title, I thought: “So, here’s something strongly connected with progressive, maybe even psychedelic playing”. Cover-art made me almost sure that I’ll hear such stuff. But this time my intuition wasn’t as right as usually. I mean, music on this album isn’t exactly what I expected. But frankly speaking, I definitely enjoy this disappointment.

By the way, ‘Genesis’ is debut full-length double disc of this band from Mumbai, India. One CD contains Electronic and second – Rock versions of songs. On Rock version I found one song which’s released only in this version – that’s why there’re seventeen tracks here. I’ll concentrate first of all on Rock versions of course.

Actually this is classic Rock. There’re elements of progressive playing and some maybe a little psychedelic, transcendental climates given by sitar, but I don’t have any doubts that this is real Rock. Besides Akshat doesn’t come with his instrument as often as I supposed after reading bio. He also plays mostly in background – this hearable very well. Both sitar and some electronically generated parts are interludes here, but it don’t ‘kill’ Rock character of the whole. This is guitar and drums which play the most important role in creativity of PARATRA. Riffs are variable and mostly more or less hard, sometimes (rarely) even heavy. Samron plays ballsy, in real Rock style. There’re moments when he shows his Metal soul – he’s vocalist of SYSTEMHOUSE 33 since 2003 and was of SCEPTRE until 2013. But this is not him who takes care about vocalizations. It’s Siddharth of GODDESS GAGGED and he sings in Rock style, too. From time to time I also have some connotations with some vocalists.

Generally we have with good Rock album to do in my opinion. Proportions between melody and power are on good level. Probably that’s why I’m listening to Genesis‘ with quite huge pleasure, even if I prefer “main” band of Samron.

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