Review: Pimeydentuoja ”Hellcrowned”

Review: Pimeydentuoja ”Hellcrowned”

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Pimeydentuoja- Hellcrowned

When death rears its ugly head, it certainly rears its ugly head, and the people behind all of the death and doom is Pimeydentuoja. These corpse gatherers have been around since 2009 piling up bodies leaving no one slain, and in their eight year run they have released one demo and one full length up until this point. Hellcrowned is the title of their newest offering and it is filled with nothing but demonic and purely sinister death metal for all to enjoy.

Pimeydentuoja begins Hellcrowned with “To Death”, a one and a half minute intro that doubles as a decent into madness. Once this intro is over however, Pimeydentuoja provides you with nine more face smashing and soul mangling tracks. Each track is just as potent and filled with black magic blood rituals as the rest, and when you begin listening there isn’t much you can do to escape your doom. Hellcrowned is bestial, raw and bloodthirsty and it certainly doesn’t seem to rest until it has had its fill of that sweet crimson liquid you harbor in your veins.

Each track shoots out of your speakers much like a demon spawn shot out of hell. Each of the eight tracks that are sandwiched between the intro and outro are heavy, rumbling dirges of death that do their best to steal your life away from you. There is a certain presence or atmosphere that hangs about each track that is purely sinister and malevolent. Hellcrowned provides you with nightmarish sounds that won’t escape your mind too easily and the more that you seem to listen, the further you seem to descend into utter darkness and chaos.

Hellcrowned is a pretty straight forward release as it doesn’t really mess around with anything other than death and hints of black metal and it doesn’t serve you with fluff either. The only breaks in action that you get are from the intro and outro as well as a little intro at the beginning of the tracks “Sadist Ritual” and “The Malignant Heretic Prophecy”. Other than that you are supplied with nothing but rumbling gut ripping death. While this record isn’t one that breaks new ground or traverses areas that have not yet been scorched, it still is a solid, demonic and overall heavy and entertaining listen. Hellcrowned is a hard record to pass up if you are a fan of either death metal or black metal for that matter.

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