Review: Pissed Regardless “Feed The Birds”

Review: Pissed Regardless “Feed The Birds”

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It’s time to break the habit to choose albums for review also by the band’s name, because this lottery is too losing. Nevertheless, Pissed Regardless is a lovely name, isn’t it? However the guys state that they play hardcore punk, so there aren’t no questions to them, it’s all to the point.

So, Pissed Regardless is Matt (vocals), Taylor (bass, vocals), Sean (guitar), Chris (guitar) and Tim (drums). The band was formed in 2013 in San-Diego and ‘Feed The Birds’ is their third release, preceded by two LPs: ‘Pissed Regardless’ (2013) and ‘Force Fed God’ (2015).

‘Feed The Birds’ contains five songs with overall time a little more than ten minutes, during which you can’t understand nothing. The thing is that the music line is changing rapidly and disharmoniously. Considering the average song duration (something like two minutes), it’s got quite incomprehensible. Like the guys wanted to put in an album all ideas that they had, but were so limited in time that needed to clench them in ten minutes and one EP.

It said that “the band bearing a special talent at composing ripping fast, to-the-point hardcore that displays the outfit’s punk and grind influences on its sleeve”. Indeed, here we have a raw sound, aggressive vocals and hardcore that goes to punk and back. Not so sure about grind, because the one thing I’ve heard is some blast beating in opening “Empty”.

Frankly, that’s not so my mug of beer (actually, definitely not my), but I’m sure that the fans of such music will love it.

‘Feed The Birds’ will be released on February, 9 via Creator-Destructor Records.

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