Review POWER FROM HELL “Sadismo” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Review POWER FROM HELL “Sadismo” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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I said once that Brazilian Metal scene is probably the richest one on the world! Besides I never heard any band from there which would play some impossible to listen to crap! Here’s another proof supporting my thesis (or even two). POWER FROM HELL comes from city of Guarulhos. I know that this name tells to the most of you, actually I suppose that to all who don’t live in Brazil or even state of São Paulo, nothing. But the truth is that there live much more than 1 million of people. City has also long and surely interesting history behind – it was found in 1560. Now it has big meaning, too coz there’s one of main Brazilian airports.

By the way, there has also its base mentioned above band. It was born in 2001 and there were several changes of line-up during these 15 years. Anyway, today in the band play: Sodomic (voc, guit), Tormentor (bass) and Death (dr). These quite often changes in line-up didn’t disturb to the band in creating music and another stuffs (mostly full-lenghts, but also two EPs and split with of course Brazilian WHIPSTRIKEER).

Well, to be honest I don’t know why the hell I got to review “Sadismo” and not “Devil’s Whorehouse”. First mentioned album was released in 2007, second last year, so… But maybe guys want to re-release their second full-length and I just know nothing about it?!? Anyway, album contains 11 songs of music which musicians call by Black/Thrash/Speed Metal. This term (even if can sound a little complicated) submit accurately what we have here to do with. Riffs are easy and sharp as razor. Of course it happens quite often that Sodomic plays more, let’s call them, melodic and “calmer” ones or even something what we can call solos. But even in these moments it’s uncompromising and we never forget that it’s Metal which warship Him and His Empire, scorn and blaspheme against Nazarene!

By the way, even his vocal in itself do it, too! We even don’t have to understand lyrics to know that it’s something what have with Hell to do. Our friend use understandable growling, actually something between classic growling and hoarse clean voice. Hm… maybe it’s good to compare it to Wagner Antichrist or Cronos…, maybe even more to this first one?!? However, it’s great and hellish!!! Drums play practically all the time in typical galloping Thrash Metal tempo. In general songs are rather short – whole album takes a little more than 30 minutes. Anyway, why and what for should it be longer?!? I think… Well, I’m sure that if guys would start to complicate their music to get longer songs than they’d lose their atmosphere. And it’d mean that music would be worse than it is!

I listen to this album maybe 37th time and I want more and more!!! This is real Metal from which Lord of Hell is surely satisfied, probably also he’s headbanging as crazy!!!

(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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