Review POWERWOLF “The Metal Mass – Live” (by Ivona Bogner)

Review POWERWOLF “The Metal Mass – Live” (by Ivona Bogner)

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POWERWOLF “The Metal Mass – Live”
Napalm Records

As a Romanian folklore worshiper and someone who has a lot of knowledge about Romanian legends, I was thrilled when I discovered Powerwolf. My adventurous nature, obsession with vampire stories and respect to Vlad Tepes led me to Romania twice. Everytime I listen Powerwolf, their music brings me back memories of all those beautiful places I have seen, people I met, memories I kept…

German-French-Romanian crew brought something new to metal fans. Basicly power metal, with goth touch, interesting costumes, corpse paint, lyrics inspired with warewolves, vampires, religious tales. English, Latin and German lyrics are well balanced at each album. At some points silly lyrics brings special charm to the band.

Powerwolf was formed in 2003 and since they are very active, I have a feeling their presence is even longer. This year, they released “The Metal Mass Live” (DVD, Blu Ray, CD). Here, I will focus on CD. 16 songs, great production, great interaction with fans, almost perfect, but… There is always that but. Mostly, fans all over the world do not speak German. Ok, I know that this CD was recorded in Germany, Oberhausen. But why wouldn’t fans all over the world who buy this album understand what Attila is talking about, and he talks a lot? Why to spoil full experience to someone who does not speak German?

I have never seen Powerwolf live, but as I was told and as I can hear listening “The Metal Mass Live”, there is no difference between studio albums and live performances.

Attila Dorn is great vocal coach, it seems he is trying share his knowledge with fans (“Resurrection by Erection”,Armata Strigoi”).

Fans reaction goes to ecstasy. They sing as hypnotized, they laugh, they scream, they enjoy. I can’t wait to buy DVD and enjoy in 7 hours of Powerwolf magic. This will be a small consolation till I finally see them live.

Maybe after I hear Powerwolf live one day, my next whish will be to hear Attila Dorn at Romanian National Opera in Bucharesti for example.

Track list:
1 Blessed & Possessed
2 Coleus Sanctus
3 Amen & Attack
4 Cardinal Sin
5 Army Of The Night
6 Resurrection By Erection
7 Armata Strigoi
8 Dead Boys Don‘T Cry
9 Let There Be Night
10 Werewolves Of Armenia
11 In The Name Of God (Deus Vult)
12 We Drink Your Blood
13 Lupus Dei
14 Sanctified With Dynamite
15 Kreuzfeuer
16 All We Need Is Blood

POWERWOLF Tim Tronckoe 2015

(c) Ivona Bogner

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