Review: PRIMAL FEAR “Best of Fear”

Review: PRIMAL FEAR “Best of Fear”

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PRIMAL FEAR “Best of Fear”
Frontiers records

“Best of Fear” is second compilation album for German Primal Fear in their 20 years long career. First one, “Metal is Forever-The Very Best of Primal Fear” was released in 2006 (Nuclear Blast). Second one, released at the beginning of November, “Best of Fear”, includes songs from albums “New Religion” (2007), “16. 6” (Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead) (2009), “Unbreakable” (2012), “Delivering in Black” (2014) and “Rulebreaker” (2016), all released in past decade for Frontiers Records.

The Fear never sleeps. As the result, we have 2 CDs. 27 songs are smartly divided in two sections, I would say CD1 for Devils and CD2 for Angels.

CD1 brings 16 songs that paint wild PF energy including new material (“Area 16”, “Predator”, “If Looks Could Kill”, “Thrill of Speed). The same concept of compilation album that includes new songs has been already offered to fans earlier this year from PF compatriots Edguy (“Monuments“, Nuclear Blast).

“Area 16” is short intro.

“Predator”, so as many other PF lyrics might have hidden message (at least I have two different interpretations of “Predator” lyrics).

“If Looks Could Kill” is the most melodic, the best sang, the most commercial song and the best cover PF ever made (Heart, “Heart”, 1985, Capitol). Listening this masterpiece cover, you have subconsciously urge to dance (can not believe this word exists in my vocabulary) and never stop.

“Thrill of Speed” is also the song written in PF manner. No surprises, pure PF.

If you ever get tired of headbanging while listening CD1, CD2 brings 11 incredible ballads.

Artwork is signed by Stan Decker. Faithful to their trademark, mighty bird, this time they won’t disappoint their fans, accept those who suffer from ornithophobia.

Primal Fear is one of the bands I could kill for. As an incurable ornithophobia patient I will Bravely face the fear one more time just because I know the terrifying bird is a keeper of incredible treasure.

“Area 16”
“If Looks Could Kill”
“Thrill Of Speed”
“The End Is Near”
“Sign Of Fear”
“In Metal We Trust”
“When Death Comes Knocking”
“Six Times Dead”
“Angels Of Mercy”
“Riding The Eagle”
“King For A Day”
“Bad Guys Wear Black”

“Everytime It Rains” (feat. Simone Simons)
“We Walk Without Fear”
“Fighting The Darkness” (long version)
“Hands Of Time”
“One Night In December”
“The Sky Is Burning”
“Where Angels Die”
“Black Rain”
“Born With A Broken Heart” (feat. Liv) (Remix)
“Born Again”
“The Man (That I Don’t Know)”

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