Review: Profundum “Come, Holy Death”

Review: Profundum “Come, Holy Death”

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Profundum “Come, Holy Death”
Heathen Tribes

Before I get stuck into this release, can I please just say that I am not a production snob. I’ve criticised a few releases recently for bad sound, and I’m going to do the exact same here, but for slightly different reasons.

Ok folks, it’s 2017, the digital age. So why are bands recording albums that sound like the microphones are buried under 10 pillows?

Maybe they want to sound Kult and have a 90s sound, who knows. But if this had decent sound, I would be raving it about it until the end of time. As it stands, I wish they’d scrap this and re-record it, with decent sound that doesn’t sound like you are trying to suffocate it with a pillow.

Right, ignoring the sound issue, I really do love this release. It has an old school feel to it and I’m reminded of a few symphonic acts, but not necessarily Metal ones. My 1st thoughts were to a band with a similar name, Profanum, who mixed classical music with Black Metal, 20 or so years ago. I’m also drawn towards Arcana, the Neo-Classical / Darkwave band from Sweden. Again from the 90s.

In Profundum’s case, it’s a mix of all extreme styles, from Funeral Doom through Black Metal to Death Metal mixed with the Neo-Classical edge. It’s a fine work of art, which is just hampered by its sound.

Everything else hints at a band that can go on to greatness. The swathes of misery, the perfect marriage between styles, the atmosphere that oozes from ever pore… they really have created something very special indeed.

But you know my main gripe, so I won’t go over old ground (again), but please make the next release sound a bit sexier.

This band (well, they’re actually a duo) can really develop into something, so check them out in their infancy, and watch them flourish (hopefully)

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