Sliptrick Records set US release date for WORSELDER “Paradigms Lost”

Sliptrick Records set US release date for WORSELDER “Paradigms Lost”

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French Heavy-Thrash/Stoner Worselder “Paradigms Lost” to be released in USA on September 30 via Sliptrick records!

In the fall of 2015, French Heavy-thrash/Stoner group Worselder, started the pre-production of their second album Paradigms Lostfinally finishing of 10 track opus in late 2016. The album is certainly Worselder’s most accomplished work to date: the writing has the typical characteristics that form the sound of the band but it’s also more mature than previous releases, with plaintive, thought provoking lyrics.

The band is deeply and proudly committed to its Pyrenean roots; it influences the atmosphere of their music, which is both dark and optimistic with lyrics marking topical events, as well as historical references. The album’s title and artwork are an evident reference to the history of the Cathar heretics (which proves once again the attachment of the band to is roots), but here the development of this theme goes further. Not being a concept album strictly speaking, Paradigms Lost explores all the paradigms humans have wasted, due to religious, political or financial considerations.

Paradigms Lost was recorded by Elise Aranguren in the band’s private studio, then mixed and mastered at Upload Studio (Montpellier/ France) by Bruno Varea (well known for his work with Dagoba, Satyricon, Lenny Kravitz and many others).

Track Listing:
01. Infighting | 02. Paradigms Lost | 03. Seeds of Rebellion | 04. Idols | 05. The Sickening | 06. Severed | 07. My Consuming Grief | 08. Home of the Grave | 09. The Haven | 10. Land of Plenty

Worselder are:
Guillaume Granier – Vocals | Yoric Oliveras – Guitar | Jérémie Delattre – Guitar | Michel Marcq – Drums | Yannick Fernandez – Bass

Band links: Official Website | Facebook

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