Review: Prophets Of The Apocalypse “Threshold Of War” [Sliptrick records]

Review: Prophets Of The Apocalypse “Threshold Of War” [Sliptrick records]

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This album is a really tasty slice of thrash metal, with some nice fast riffs, great raspy and gritty vocals, and lots of evil attitude. It’s evil music that sounds fun.

From beginning to end, the riffs are fast and heavy, and they never stop. It’s wild riff after wild riff, interrupted by wild solos. One of the best uses of that speed and evil attitude is in Dead Winter Night, which sounds like a wild chase through a cold wind, and always keeps you on edge. I like how even the quieter moment, like the ending of Burn the Dead or the beginning of Trophies of War, feel just like calm before the storm.

The vocals carry that speed and evil attitude, alternated with calm before the storm moments. They are grunts with a raspy, hissing sound, which sometimes turn into scary whispers but overall don’t evolve much through the album. Either way, they sound really demonic.

Now what can I say about some songs in particular? Well, each brings a few nice ideas, like the raspy vocals in Ashes and Burn the Dead or the gloomy riffs in Maze of Doom. Trophies of War has a nice solo. Dead Winter Night and Shield Maiden are the tracks that could really be described as epic, with lots of energy, adventure and evil vocals.

If I had to find a weakness in that album, I’d say that it doesn’t have a lot of variety to it. The songs don’t sound boring or repetitive, but I’ll admit they tend to repeat a few similar riffs, melodies and of course, vocals. Only a few songs really stand out.

However, this doesn’t make it a bad album. It’s still pretty entertaining. Lots of evilness and lots of fun. OK, so maybe it’s good but not great and the songs kind of blend in together, but it’s still a nice way to pass the time, and really, quite fun to listen to. It won’t change your life, but you can still expect a good time from it.

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