Review: Proscrito “El Calvario”

Review: Proscrito “El Calvario”

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Proscrito “El Calvario”
Iron Bonehead

Spanish Metal scene was always full of interesting, creative acts. But for some magical reasons only really few of them are known to bred Metal public, I guess. Many people treat bands from there (or Portugal) like some curiosity, except AVULSED in some way maybe. Frankly it was always pure mystery for me.

Anyway, PROSCRITO is young band created in 2016. Two of three members also play in another ensemble ARROPIERO, by the way. And that’s all I know about them. Also I know that ‘El Calvario’ is a very first release of Barcelona’s residents. And of course I know what music they play and stuff. Most of you after seeing cover-art probably think that this is some Black Metal.

This is also dark creativity, but absolutely not Black Metal what our friends play. ‘El Calvario’ contains six long (but not too long) compositions in slow tempo and emanates the grave atmosphere. I can easily hear fascination and strong influences of English gods of Doom/Death Metal. I mean first of all those ones from Halifax and it’s mainly about demos and two first albums. But this is absolutely not a copy! Riffs are heavy, even somehow devastating and of course slow. However, contrary to many ensembles playing such music, Ricard change them quite often – what is mentioned above, the band also always did. Well, Óscar also beats variable. Of course there’s no place for some unnecessary technical displays in case of both instruments. But you’ll don’t be bored with that and shouldn’t have any difficulties to hear that this is technical playing in some way, surely.

Music is completed with quite deep and somehow depressive Dani’s vocal. So there’s everything just like it should be in Doom/Death Metal. Anyway, in my opinion the best proof of the fact that guys think during the composing and have musical imagination is especially “Via Crusis”. I think that this band has possibilities. Especially as on debut ‘El Calvario’ is good stuff – unfortunately from my point of view released only digitally. So those who like such playing should visit their Bandcamp.

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