Review: Pulse “Adjusting The Space” [NRT-Records]

Review: Pulse “Adjusting The Space” [NRT-Records]

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Let’s watch some alien invasions and some crazy scientific experiences, in this wild and fun mix of cyberpunk and metal.

This is truly both industrial and metal: every song has the same backbone made of a fusion between electric guitars and electronic sounds, rather than an electric guitars basis with some occasional electronic flourishes. Both have the same importance, and create tracks that are both fun and danceable industrial songs, but also metal with aggressive guitars, lots of energy and harsh vocals.

The results of this sound both catchy and aggressive enough. There is some real energy and also a sense of creativity to them, that will definitely get you pumped up. A great example of that is the first proper track, We Won’t Come In Peace, a both threatening and catchy track about an evil alien invasion.

Other tracks use a similar mix of aggression and catchy danceable tunes. Many sound nice, and other sound almost evil and twisted. The mix of industrial music and growls that may have some distortion on them to make them sound more robotic but are still clearly performed by a human voice making monstrous sounds rather than someone using all sorts of machines to change their voice, helps create that evil sound. This is exemplified in New Elastic Freak, a downright perverse song about futuristic sex dolls, which has great growls and the perverted sound of many other industrial/cybergoth songs about similar subjects.

The rest of the album is mostly about adventures in space, with growling industrial songs, sounds of intergalactic calls, electronic and organic instrumentals and other space sounds. The title track is a pretty fun song about adventures in space, and Encounter is a pretty good instrumental based on a nice melancholic riff. The following tracks are the same fun sci-fi metal numbers, with some of the most enjoyable being Starlight and the industrial metal cover of Major Tom.

Overall, this is definitely a fun album, with a great sound and many creative ideas. Maybe it has a slight tendency to repeat the same riffs and electronic sounds, and I guess that all the sci-fi themes and the cover of a dance hit might make the album really ridiculous to some people… but for what it is, it’s pretty damn enjoyable. If you accept this combination of cyberpunk themes and metal, you’ll have a lot of fun with it.

Release date: November 6th, 2020

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