Review: Rat King “Vicious Inhumanity” [Within The Mind Records]

Review: Rat King “Vicious Inhumanity” [Within The Mind Records]

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Sometimes it happens when you find something horrid at first glance but somehow you can’t take your eyes of it? And the more you look at it, get into the details, the more this thing becomes interesting and it’s harder to get away from it. I understand that this explanation is muddle enough but I really have no other words for the Seattle band Rat King and their new album Vicious Inhumanity.

Rat King is Daniel Racines (vocals, bass), Ricardo Racines (vocalsm guitars) and Carlos Delgado (drums). The band was formed in 2014 and started to experiment right away. In 2016 the band release their first LP Garbage Island where the band experimenting with Sludge/Stoner sound. Four years later Rat King release their Vicious Inhumanity, infernal Death Metal/Grindcore brew.

However there are some surprises. The opening songs “Matanza” starts from grim and a little bit melodic intro, which gives erroneous feeling that it’ll be like that all the way, but it’s not! In a second guitar riffs become brutal, drums are abnormally fast, vocals sounds like malevolent gurgling and the listener is already drowning in the band’s toxic Death/Grind swamp. And don’t want to get out of there.

Rat King do the same thing with “Zero” misleading with acoustic intro which rapidly becomes a brutal Groove and finally lashes out for their signature Death/Grind that looks similar to what Cannibal Corpse do. In contrast to it, “Borratanico” manages without intro, immediately attacking the fan with solid Grindcore cacophony (where, you can still found a melody, though, with some effort).

Well, the most various and experimental song in the album is “In Quite Sleep”. The bass playing some South American melody, guitar joins it at some moment, drums go with long blast beats and the song becomes maximally brutal. In the middle the pace go faster and slower several times, and the song goes back to the starting melody, while the pace goes slower like it’s some kind of Doom.

It would be a crime not to tell about musicians’ playing skills. Carlod Delgado is not a man but some drumming killing machine. His drums are extremely fast but with this also interesting and very technical. Also Daniel Racines’ bass is outstanding in the album. Sometimes it plays with the guitar and sometimes it goes forefront. For example, in “Soledad” the bass solo goes to some Progressive zone and in “Borratanico” it just brutal.

Honestly, Grindcore, Brutal Death Metal and some other extreme genres are definitely not my cup of tea. I listened to the bands like Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Six Fit Under and some others, of course but I’ll never listen to them regularly and will never put this music at home on a background. But Vicious Inhumanity is a whole different story: despite the horrid music (for me), this album is really captivates (or, rather, ingesting like a swamp). It’s interesting, multifaceted, done greatly and if you’ll listen to it a couple of times, you will find something new every time. And it’s also very interesting what the band will do on their next album!

Vicious Inhumanity was released on January, 17th via Within The Mind Records.

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