Unsigned: Narkvlt – Black Metal from Hungary

Unsigned: Narkvlt – Black Metal from Hungary

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1. Please introduce yourself.
My name is Matt Taylor. I’m a Hungarian musician. I’ve worked on several projects spanning thrash, death, black, metalcore, pop, rock, synthwave, classical and acoustic styles.

2. When your band was created?
When the first album, Beneath came out. I literally wrote it and recorded it within an hour with my cellphone.

3. What music genre do you play?
Mostly metal and it’s subgenres, but as I mentioned I like a bunch of other genres too.

4. How could you describe your music in several words?
I think it’s pretty cruel and harsh. I’m not listening to much black metal so I think the result is quite interesting in a good way. On the album you can hear our influences right away. I mean, it’s old school black basically so we can’t show any new for a basic blacker. Maybe the weird stuffs in the beginning of “Cold Grip” or “The Haunting” will freak out some of the truest black fans haha. In the future we’ll try to push the envelope of this genre as far as possible, just like Chuck did with Death. That mentality is a huge influence for us. But the best description comes from my own sister: “It’s terrible.”

5. What is the main theme of your lyrics?
The cruelty of human beings, natural disasters, vampires etc. Lyrically, When the Moon Bled has an entire conception. The story is about a girl who’s being kidnapped by a mystic, sadist, psycho cultist. He’s torture and raping her for weeks and finally on the lunar eclipse he ritually sacrifices her. Turns out the cultist was his own brother and she returns from the afterlife as an aggressive demon in order to kill her brother and destroy the earth, because it’s filled with disgusting human beings, just like her brother who raped his own little sister. The story doesn’t unfold in the order of the songs. It’s basically jumping between the scenes.

6. What would you like to achieve with the band activity?
I don’t really know. I’m just doing this for fun.

7. How many gigs have you played so far and maybe you visit other countries with concerts?
Literally zero haha. I don’t think I ever play a gig with Narkvlt. But who knows what the future will bring.

8. Is there anything very important about your band that must know fans and labels?
Well, I don’t know. There’s a little fun fact about this whole project that the fans should know. And the fact is that I very hate black metal haha. I mean I can’t stand to listen to it. I like a couple of bands or songs, like Mgla or the late Immortal but mostly it’s just a repetitive sprinkler in a can noise for me. But this is just my opinion, and I don’t spread this, unless it’s being asked. Music is for everyone and people shouldn’t offend others taste. So it’s legit to ask that if I hate black metal why I’m doing this. Long story short: I got offended by a friend of mine that I have shit taste because I don’t like Mayhem and I said everyone can write music like that and he said okay, then do it. That was the very first time I ever tried to make black metal. So I actually wrote a couple of songs and he was shocked how good it was, although I thought they were all crap haha. So I wrote the whole When the Moon Bled album within 5-6 days and hell, the process was very fun and I like these songs. The last song “The Haunting” was completely made by a friend, Stefan. He has the same opinion like me, and he enjoyed it too.

9. What formats you would like to see your releases, CD, Vinyl, Tape…? And how do you see the future of physical releases?
Vinyl, definitely and CD. I don’t know. I don’t follow this scene. I like Vinyl and CD’s and as I see on the internet a bunch of other guys like them too.

10. When you will get a label deal, would you like to help the label with promotion from your side, or you want label to do all without your help?
I would help in some way, even if it’s a little thing. I mean it’s my music. Every share matters.

11. What’s your reaction towards negative opinions about your music?
If my sister counts, I just laughed when she told that this kind of music is terrible haha. Besides that, fortunately I don’t receive negative opinions yet. Moreover, a bunch of unexpected people told me that the album is great so I’m happy about that.

12. And the last question, how do you like our webzine, do you have some remarks towards its look or functionality?
I like that you write about underground bands too, and give attention and opportunity for smaller groups.


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