Review: Reactor “The Funnel”

Review: Reactor “The Funnel”

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Reactor “The Funnel”
Nocturnus Records

Reactor  is a band from Vinnytsia, Ukraine, formed in 1988 as a Thrash Metal band. Now the guys play an experimental music and I’m not quite sure about the genre. Rather I would say that the band play something on the edge of Industrial and Avant-garde. When an album ‘The Funnel’ (2015) got into my hands it became a kind of discovery for me. A cover looked at me amazingly (just take a look on it and you will know what I talking about) and I started to listen to an album with some foreboding. I waited for something scaring and gloomy, but instead of this I heard something that never wrote reviews for.

An album opens with “Ends Of Promises”; its intro makes you want to dance. Music is not something groovy, but release some wave through the body and hypnotizes. Interesting vocals and some trivial “space” keyboards sounds somehow influent on the perception of reality.

The second track is instrumental. It made in the same style and with some interesting oriental melismas, but all this starts to squat down. Although the third track “The Perimeter (Dead Hunt)” withdraws from the state of equilibrium, the sound goes heavy and it seems like the music was written as a soundtrack for some video game. The echo of jazz patterns and the saturation of the samples is an unconditional highlight of the album. Well, other tracks require a full relax as well. The you’ll get an album’s mood for sure/

“Empty Shell” is a heaviest track and a variation for a theme from previous self-titled album. With this, all the things from the different styles that I named are also present in a track, well balanced. It’s easy to listen to it, contrary to the next instrumental called “25”. It inflates the atmosphere and proves almost to faint.

An album ends with “Space World”, which sounds easy and joyful because of those “trivial” keyboards.

I think, I would gladly hear to this music as a movie soundtrack because an album is solid and got the right atmosphere. It has some quality issues, the simplicity surprises from time to time, but it’s really nice to listen to it and I’ll come back to listen to this album for sure.

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