Review: Holy Terror “Mind Wars”

Review: Holy Terror “Mind Wars”

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Holy Terror – ‘Mind Wars’ (1988)
Under One Flag

Surely it’ll be hard for me to estimate this album from an impersonal point of view because it’s one of my top three favorite Thrash Metal albums for times (by the way, no Metallica or Slayer albums didn’t reached even the first ten). But it seems that it doesn’t need it. It’s 27 years already that I’m enjoying this genius work (I heard it in 1991 for the first time), re-listen to it and find some new details. Its unique, as for me, because it isn’t not like the others schools and sub-genres of Thrash Metal. It hasn’t German school rectilinear aggression, isn’t sleeky like Metallica‘s disciples, no roughness like great Possessed and it’s not extremely heavy as Slayer. Also it hasn’t some intelligent from Bay Area Thrash Bands.

Nevertheless it’s Thrash Metal, without any doubts, which contains an inherent to the style heaviness and aggression, roughness and a certain gloominess. Also, considering a founder Kurt Kilfelt’s participation in an Agent Steel  here some Speed Metam notes can be heard (especially in beautiful solos) and some Techno Thrash elements (musicians are good here, although they are not obtrusively demonstrate their techniques).

“The Balance” is exactly the word that describes this album. The balance of various ingredients from many sub-genres and Thrash schools make this album such interesting and memorable. And it’s impossible not to pay a tribute a vocalist Keith Deen (R.I.P.): his voice emphasize this music ideally. He sings mostly clean, but sometimes a rattle on the verge of growling comes from his throat. Also a certain tribute to more aggressive bands.

I really love this album so much that I can’t pick up some memorable song. Ok, let it be “Christian Resistance”.

My highest recommendations. Just listen to this Thrash Metal pearl.

P.S. Almost forgot a tremendous band’s logo, formed from the bones. That’s really cool. And by the way, guitarist Mike Alvord formed a new band Mindwars, which continued Holy Terror a lot and released two albums in 2014 and 2016.

Translated by Droll.

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