Review: Rotting Christ “Their Greatest Spells”

Review: Rotting Christ “Their Greatest Spells”

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“Greatest Hits” and “The Best Of…” compilations is a way to buy some time, maybe earn something (not so possible in modern music business model) and to sum up some results (if there is something to sum, of course. But it’s for a band. Fans and listeners have an opportunity to remember some songs, which they loved once or get acquainted with the band’s music without listening to their full discography.

Rotting Christ plays for 30 years, and despite that they are not going to stop playing and perform, they have a lots of to sum up. Considering their 12 albums and countless number of EPs and singles, this could be quite hard task. Nonetheless, this mission accomplished in a form of ‘Their Greatest Spells’ compilation.

On two ‘Their Greatest Spells’ disks with two and a half hours of total length, the band placed 32 songs that quite evenly covers their work for three decades. And here can be heard not only songs from LPs, but from early years EP and demos: “Feast of the Grand Whore” from 1989 demo ‘Satanas Tedeum’ and “Forest of N’gai” from ‘Passage To Arcturo’ EP (1991). This way Rotting Christ allow to trace how their music changed, experiments they conducted and what allowed them to become what they are now.

Also there is brand new song “I Will Not Serve”, a darkest hymn, where fast and fierce drums and guitar riffs woven with grim vocals. Rotting Christ are able to be consistent, and at the same time do not cease to amaze.

‘Their Greatest Spells’ is a great opportunity not only to make acquaintance with the band, if somebody still don’t know them, but to hear how this legendary band created and consolidated their unique  music.

‘Their Greatest Spells’ will be released on March, 23 via Season Of Mist.

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