Review: DEFENESTRATION “Gutter Perdition”

Review: DEFENESTRATION “Gutter Perdition”

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DEFENESTRATION “Gutter Perdition”
XENOKORP [Militia Series]

Defenestration? I had to look the meaning up (blush) and what a lovely thought… to throw someone out of a window, Death as fuck!

OSDM – There’s nothing wrong with that. If a band wants to play OSDM then they shouldn’t be trying to re-invent anything, it’s a perfected recipe by now. This is the way Gutter Perdition opens and typically, it stays. It’s unashamed and it’s going to make your head bang.

What can I hear? Fast guitars with a mid to high tone that stands out somewhat. Standard vocals that work perfectly well and a drum track that’s enthusiastic in speed but not so much in production values. Combine all of this with a mix of obvious inspiration that’s American in value and you’ll get the picture.

It’s pretty simple really – if I’d come across this band 25 years ago they’d be rubbing shoulders with Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation and Incantation but now they are on the side of nostalgia. That’s no bad position to be in for Defenestration though.

With heavy riffs that will get any head to bang, I can see this band playing a fuckin’ great live show. If I ever get the chance to see Defenestration, I will for sure.

Stand out tracks: are Jizzus – some great guitar riffs and dual vocals that work very well, love it. Arkkarian Oracle – slowing down to a high frequency drone really brings the menace to this track. Perhaps they could do this a bit more in the future and continue on a groove they’ve found. A seconds’ worth of wind-out at the end, just lovely.

5 tracks equalling 19 minutes can’t be called an album in my book but so what? Take this E.P and run with it because it’s been wrote with passion, thought and a huge nod to what we as OSDM lovers love.

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