Review: Russkaja “Kosmopoliturbo”

Review: Russkaja “Kosmopoliturbo”

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Russkaja, the band founded by former Stahlhammer vocalist Georgij Makazaria fells more than confidently. The band is in demand, their “turbo-polka” makes people smile and dance, musicians continue to create, and here comes their sixth album ‘Kosmopoliturbo’.

It’s extremely simple with such kind of music: you like it, and then you see only merits, or you don’t like it, so you see only flaws. Therefore it’s quite hard to judge objectively such “turbo-polka” with Slavic, Balkan, Gypsy and many other “folk” elements (although this is fundamentally wrong definition).  And, probably, it isn’t necessary: this music is for pure joy, dances and singing.

‘Kosmopoliturbo’ includes nine songs with lyrics in four languages and an ending ballad  “Send You An Angel”, where the band’s members try to hold back “folk”-motives. But they get it bad, so the song is shining with bright colors.

Basically, the whole album is a great example of total cosmopolitanism, musical and lyrical. Not in the meaning of refusing something, but as a great mix of things, like “Volle Kraft Voraus” (Full Steam/Force Ahead). It’s a very harmonic mix of gypsy music, klezmer, heavy guitar riffs (really heavy) and German lyrics. Trying to take this song apart, you will lose yourself in many elements, so you’ll stop doing this thankless job. And that is about every song: “Mare Mare” (Sea Sea) with Italian lyrics, a little bit Spanish rhythm and the same klezmer violin; or “Hello Japan”, that started with metal riff and continued with ska-punk and Russian lyrics.

Wherein, ‘Kosmopoliturbo’ doesn’t looks like Frankenstein creature, sewn anyhow and got it’s life with some non-understandable magic, no! Here we got scrupulous approach to writing music, arrangement, and the main thing – unrestrained energy that comes from musicians and can be felt even through record. It can cause headbanging, dancing, of at least a smile – that means that Russkaja did very well!

If you’re in a bad mood, upset with something or you have some hard feelings, just turn on ‘Kosmopoliturbo’. It won’t solve your problems, but it will cheer you up, definitely. And if you have such an opportunity – go to their show. It’ll be great.

‘Kosmopoliturbo’ will be released on August, 4th via Napalm Records.  

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