Review: Satanize “Death Mass Execution”

Review: Satanize “Death Mass Execution”

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Satanize “Death Mass Execution”
Larval Productions

If someone after reading name of the band and seeing cover/art thought: “another rather typical Black Metal act” then was right. Frankly I’m sure the most of you did it. This duo comes from Portugal and was founded in 2001, by the way. First more or less five years of existence was rather ineffective. I mean, guys surely met each other on rehearsals and so on, but their first demo ‘Satanize’ they released in 2006. Another stuffs came out quite quickly after each other – the record was here 2011 when SATANIZE participated in four splits and released demo and live-album. Then the tempo had slowed down – it took two years to release demo and third full-length, a year later fourth one came out. And now we have traditional EP with three songs which take a little less than ten and an half minute.

Musically there’s anything surprising here. This is just like it should be and everything is rather foreseeable. Well, I guess this word doesn’t sound pejoratively for fans of such playing. These two Portuguese with long and complicated pseudonyms just run forward with their creativity. Both guitar and drums sound maybe even primitively (I’m not talking about technical aspect here) – music is simple, without any superfluous displays. On other hand this is not too monotonous – we’re able to hear some passages, riffs change from time to time and so on. The fact is that they’re quite subtle or at least not too easy to recognize. Vocal is also just like you expected when was reading “Black Metal”. Well, if you connect with term I just used some screechy voice then SATANIZE will disappoint you. Vocalizations are harsh and deep. This is definitely real growling.

For especially true-blue fans of mentioned (twice) sub-genre of Metal this EP will surely be something fine. Well, the fact is that ‘Death Mass Execution’ has some element of own ideas and isn’t another copy of Norwegian bands (I think you know what bands I’m talking about here). I can hear influences of some well-known Austrian horde. To cut a long history short this is quite average stuff. I’ll surely listen to it from time to time, but I didn’t fall in love with that for sure and will don’t do it in future, I guess.

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Score 71%
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