Review: IBLIS “Adveniat Regnum Tuum”

Review: IBLIS “Adveniat Regnum Tuum”

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IBLIS “Adveniat Regnum Tuum”

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Well, this is pure Trve Italian Elitarian Satanic Occult Roman Black Metal, high quality. Guys, I confess you that I am a fan of this band since their beginning, to be quiet correct since I saw for the first time the front cover of this long waited album in March 2017. I really had the impression that this band would deserve something great to listen to. My expectation were high, and still remained when I saw that these Italian masters were looking for a label to release their album digitally streaming on soundcloud. As I said my expectations were high, but when I listened to the full length album on soundcloud, I told myself that these musicians overpassed my expectations. Excellent work and really a band to consider. I like the Italian Black Metal scene since I have listened to Funeral Fog [a kvlt band from Turin, later known as Maldoror and Thee Maldoror Kollective] demos from early 90’s era like ‘De Mysteriis Serpentiis’ and ‘Beyond A Bloodstained Moon’, Malfeitor, Abhor, Beatrik, Fearbringer, Kult, Spite Extreme Wing, Sacradis and many others.

But let’s say something about Iblis. This is a band composed by Iblis [guitars and vocals], Zeyros [bass and drums] and Varga Jaeger [as a lyrics composer]. Created atmosphere reminds me of the northern cold blizzard from Scandinavian lands, the riffs are in the same vein of the early Emperor material – seems they are strongly influenced by Scandinavian Black Metal scene. The riffs are solid and very alternatively composed; the drums are very fast and precise, it is the drum work which appeal me in continuity the style of Emperor, Satyricon mostly and some works of 1349. You can listen “Humanitas Magistra” and “Mortem In Malis”, the frozen drum is there. Seems these guys are grown with the Scandinavian black metal in their ears. The track which suits to my tastes is “Orientor In Tenebris Lux Tua”, definitely a great track.

What does ‘Adveniat Tegnum Tuum’ reserve for those who are always in search of kvlt albums, demos and EPs? This album reveal the trve spirit of the old school black metal in sound but also in esthetics rules. It deploys the masterclass and the dark spirit of Italian Elitarian Black Metal in every sound. It goes under and in the deep roots of black metal knowledge keeping the black flame alive.

My Evaluation: 100% Trve Italian Kvlt.

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