Review: SATYRICON “Nemesis Divina” (by Natalia)

Review: SATYRICON “Nemesis Divina” (by Natalia)

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SATYRICON “Nemesis Divina”
Napalm Records

20 years ago NEMESIS DIVINIA’s release upend the whole black-metal world and made SATYRICON band legendary. It raised the level of works in a whole genre. So, celebrating the anniversary, the band made re-release of this landmark album.

As I said before, this album is an etalon in a genre of black-metal. Nevertheless, the year is 2016 and not the 1996. SATYRICON understand this, so nowadays modern NEMESIS DIVINIA sounds exactly as the time requires it. It’s an ideal merge of fundament, that the band made twenty years ago and modern materials with new properties, more practical than it was that days. This “building” definitely made in an old style with classical planning. But what infernal poltergeists are in it? They are seven, and their names are known:

“The Dawn Of A New Age” became more depressing. The band paid a lots of attention to this song, made every musical line more refined and curdled darkness in them (actually, musicians were always meticulously treated to details, so attention was paid to every song; everyone can be decomposed into components and get more masterpieces).

“Forhekset” almost have no noise that was necessary in a first release as tribute to the time. The folk motives in the end seems to be more melodical.

“Mother North” is a special song. The band shoot their first video for this song, that changed an idea about black-metal. Then it was a real breakthrough and became the best black-metal video. If nowadays the video impress only with taking to account some amendments when and how it was released, the song itself sounds actual and in accordance to modern listener’s needs.

“Du Som Hater Gud” and “Immortality Passion” became subtly tightened for a listener. Norway language at the first of them emphasize the uncompromising music. The second one’s specialty not worth saying – in a time it encouraged the genre’s development very much, and it still loved by many.

The titled “Nemesis Divinia” still freeze blood in veins.

An album is ending by “Transcendental Requiem Of Slaves”. Slow, frightening, crushing the listener, sinister and dark, black as the ashes of death, without hoarse screaming and without any word. From the first notes it’s definitely black-metal, but it’s not like ordinary, “traditional” black-metal recordings, where only extreme vocals are above the endless blast-beats. If “Transcendental Requiem Of Slaves” sounds genious nowadays, how can it be described twenty years ago?

SATYRICON showed how re-releases are need to be done. To choose their landmarked creature, leave it as it was in its genius, but with all of this somehow transfer modern “yourselves” into it, with all the power and mastery that acquired in a years.


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