Review: SKINFLINT “Chief Of The Ghosts”

Review: SKINFLINT “Chief Of The Ghosts”

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SKINFLINT “Chief Of The Ghosts”
Pure Steel Records

On my now defunct radio show, I did one particular show where all of the bands were from Africa… and on that playlist were Skinflint, who hail from Botswana. And they really stood out as they were one of the very few playing Traditional Heavy Metal, with more than a nod towards Hard Rock.

The core of their sound is epic, old school Metal. I’m reminded of both Manowar and the lower range of Rob Halford’s more menacing moments… and even a bit of Iron Maiden here and there. But if you have different tastes than me, then your opinion might differ slightly… but whatever your opinion, there’s no doubting their Metal credentials.

Part of the album is sung in the native tongue of Setswana and to be honest, I would like more of an African influence in their sound. I know they only tend to use it sparingly, but when they fail to build upon the ethic flavours of opener, Borankana Metal, it is a bit of a letdown.

I feel they could create a monster of an album if they just let rip, instead of following a more “sensible” Metal path. I say sensible as predictable is probably too harsh a word to use.

Because I cannot criticise their take on Metal at all. They have the feel of Power Trio, which is essentially what they are… and the old school feel they’ve created is just about spot on, in every single department.

And as it stands, this is a very solid album. When you take into consideration the bands location, then it’s probably fair enough to consider this an exceptional album.

So if you’re feeling adventurous and want to check out the sort of Metal that Botswana has to offer, then this won’t disappoint.

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