Review: Sodom “Bombenhagel” [Steamhammer/SPV]

Review: Sodom “Bombenhagel” [Steamhammer/SPV]

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German Thrash Metal icon Sodom will celebrate its 40 years anniversary soon. In this regard (and to show a sign of life to the fans) the band released a new EP Bombenhagel.

“Originally we had planned to bring out the record in time for this year’s summer festival season, including a sticker with all confirmed tour dates. – says Tom Angelripper, – Of course, the way it looks at the moment, all gigs will be postponed until 2022. But the EP will be released anyway, as a sign of life. As a signal to our fans: We’re still around! The story continues.”

There are three songs in new release: a classic track “Bombenhagel”, re-recorded with new line-up and two brand new songs – “Coup De Grace” and “Pestiferous Posse”.

It’s quite ungraceful business to compare the old version and a new one. The original song sounds raw and therefore brutal. New version has much better sound but a little less wrath. Unfortunately, Unkle Tom isn’t getting younger but still can deliver a great vocal from his smoked and soaked in alcohol throat. The new drummer Toni Merkel is also worth to mention; he really gave the song a new life with his great and powerful playing. Harris Johns, the original producer of Persecution Mania also participated in this record: USA and USSR anthems mockingly joined up in his guitar solo.

In furious “Coup De Grace” Tom Angelripper tells about breath of death that hunter brings to his prey or killer to the victim. With this simple metaphor he tries to reflect the problems, which humanity faces right now (and which people made for themselves). Despite the aggressive sound, solid riffs and great drums the song sounds dismally and ends with the scream of anger and despair.

The last song, “Pestiferous Posse” is a story about gunshooting of two mobs on the Wild West in the end of XIX-th century: here we gave a parallel with modern politicians, especially Republicans and Democrats (storming of the Capitol and all the stuff, you know). Great bass and dark, sinister melody in the middle turns the song into one more great example of Teutonic Thrash Metal from Sodom.

The new EP plays its role great: it reminds about the band and causes an interest to the future releases. “Of course we’re really happy that our fans love Genesis XIX and that the album has made no. 10 in the charts. After all, where would we be without our fans? Based on the fantastic reception of our album, our next target can only be to come up with something really special to mark our anniversary next year!” says Tom. Well, we will wait for it.

Bombenhagel was released on August, 20th via Steamhammer/SPV.

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