Review: Sophist “Dissolution” [Niflhel Records]

Review: Sophist “Dissolution” [Niflhel Records]

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Sophist is a Canadian band whose sound ranges from the most aggressive black metal to sounds and drum rhythms reminiscent of hardcore punk or grindcore at certain points.

Right from the first track “Solve Et Coagula”. It features the aforementioned sonic dynamism.

However, the singer’s stylistic intention should be considered as a flaw of the whole album: a very monotonous vocal compartment, almost too painful at times. The singer seems to be unable to make his voice any more unique, even though he has put a lot of effort into it, as if he had remained at the first chapter of the book “HOW TO FREE SATAN THROUGH THE USE OF THE ORGANIC TISSUES INSIDE OF YOUR THROAT”.

Fortunately there are also tracks where the singer has put more effort into the vocal nastiness. Like in the track “In Nihilum Redactus”, where all instruments and vocals are well mixed, with a sort of “chorus” on the side ….???….

Dissolution is, from the point of view of usability, a rather peculiar piece of music. On the one hand, you will find yourself doing your best “BROOOTAAL FACE” while driving your cars. On the other hand, you will be uncertain at times about what your ears are hearing.

Release date: February 7th, 2020

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