Review: Spire “Entropy”

Review: Spire “Entropy”

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Spire “Entropy”
Iron Bonehead productions

Australian black metal band released the album.This album is one dark depressive black metal album, with some great musical style to it, that makes this album very dark and powerful.

On this album there is a influence of doom metal, that is ideally integrated with the hole album and the songs itself’s, with that there is this dark atmosphere on the album, that fully presents black metal itself’s, with some doom metal, it’s a very evil and sinister combination.

Tehnical compliance is great, they have the tempo, and full tehnical balance, acoustic is also great, everything can be heard very clear, production is awesome.

With this album you will cry alone in darkness, bound by coldness, death will take you away, trought chaos you are reborn again.

Spire is amazing black metal band, that showed black metal in it’s true colors. The band has some sinister and very depressive dark sound and the album itself with this things is one badass piace of destruction.


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