Review: Ruinous “Graves of Ceaseless Death”

Review: Ruinous “Graves of Ceaseless Death”

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Ruinous “Graves of Ceaseless Death”
Dark Descent Records

American death metal band released the album. This album is one pure brutal death metal album, with insane brutal sound too it. The album is perfect tehnically, it has that raw sound, that is tehnically very well presented. Vocals are very good too, deep growl and high screaming define this album.

On the album there is a little influence of grindcore as well and it is combinated in a good way, with the main genre, but its almost the same, so grincore influence gives it a more powerful raw sound.

Acoustic is loud, production is not so good, it can be better. While listening trough this album, you will be stabbed by death, intoxicated with brutallity, devoired by chaos, destroyed by apocylpse.

Ruinous is such a great band, with some really heavy death metal music, and they stand up for real death metal, with their sound and the attitude.


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